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Originally Posted by Nosirrah
I concur that this post nails the majority of flaws in KOTCS. I will add my personal pet peeve: a glaring bit of dissonance at the end, when Indy says "Their treasure was knowledge- knowledge was their treasure," while surrounded by enough gaudy bling to make a half-dozen Cecil B. De Mille epics. As HF supposedly told George Lucas, "you can write this stuff, but you can't say it!"

The film seems to be at odds with itself doesn't it? We're told a lot of things but not shown them. How is knowledge the aliens' treasure? As far as we're shown, they have a vast room full of all the worlds' treasures from various civilizations. In theory, if shown and illustrated better, that point could go over well and be quite powerful - go full monty and show that the aliens really helped shape all of human civilization not just the Ugha tribe.

All of the scenes seem loosely just thrown together. As Ud said, there's so many good ideas in each scene but no real interest in exploring them. It's like each scene is loosely strung to the next, which I guess comes from the script being assembled from the remains of so many other scripts. The film is coherent, but just barely so. It's like a soup that is somehow both overcooked and yet undercooked at the same time, if that makes any sense whatsoever: overcooked in that there's so many ideas at play here, undercooked in that none of these ideas are given the chance to really live up to the potential they have.
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