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Originally Posted by WillKill4Food
I love reading Daniken's books and other ridiculous theories akin to his work. But it is fiction, pure and simple, but the problem arises when someone doesn't realize this and takes it to heart. In one of his books he shows of something like an ancient drawing of a man with funky hair and a picture of a boat with snakes drawn on it. Instead of thinking about what he's seeing, he rams straight through any logical conclusions and "discovers" that the ancients were visited by men with antennae that came on spaceships carried by snakes.

My apologies that it has taken me some time to reply to these (once again unsubstantiated) allegations, but I have been busy doing some press for “Indiana Jones and the Ultimate Quest” which will actually air today, Sunday, May 18th, 2008, at 8pm EST on The History Channel.

I sent a PM to WillKill4Food and politely asked him just where did he read that Evd claimed to have “discovered” that “that the ancients were visited by men with antennae that came on spaceships carried by snakes.” I was especially baffled by the “ spaceships carried by snakes” comment, which is completely nonsensical. To my recollection, EvD never made such a statement.

WK4F was courteous enough to reply to my PM, and told me I should look it up in The Gold of the Gods, which I did. And sure enough, on page 89 (hardcover edition), it does indeed say that the antennae can be interpreted from a modern space-age perspective, but nowhere does it say that their spaceships were “carried by snakes.”

However, what it does say in the 12 pages before and in the 12 pages after, is that it is an irrefutable fact that worldwide, there are countless of legends and myths that equal the snake with something having to do with flight.

Let me be very clear about one thing: our ancestors were not stupid. They were highly intelligent.

They knew perfectly well that snakes do not fly.

Yet the ancient texts are filled with references of flying snakes. Coincidence? NO.

Again, our ancestors were not dumb. However, their technological frame of reference was different to, let’s say, our modern frame of reference. So the idea the AAT proposes is that our ancestors simply did not have the vocabulary with which to “properly” describe a flying machine! Such a proposition is NOT too far fetched.

Anyone even remotely familiar with Native American history is well aware that they referred to, for example, the train as the “iron horse” etc. They described modern day, technological items with their available vocabulary!

Our ancestors, did the same. We are now in the position to recognize that this might have happened. Anyone arguing to the contrary, in my book, merely regurgitates the nonsense of the so-called “experts” instead of scratching the surface just a little deeper...

Lemmings blinded by the charade our world governments have placed in front of us in plain view.

WK4F also told me that people subscribing to the Ancient Astronaut Theory are “Ancient Astronaut believers.”

Let me set the record straight once and for all: I am NOT a believer. “Believing” something means you subscribe to an idea or thought based on blind faith alone. I don’t “believe” in the Ancient Astronaut Theory, I’m convinced of it, and so are the readers of Legendary Times.

The term "believing" also has a very religious connotation to it, so right there, the word is wrong and should not be used in this context. As explained above, "belief" is an idea based on faith alone, and worse, it also evokes "worship." I do not worship extraterrestrials. I do not bow down to them. Never have, never will.

Do I believe in God? Absolutely. But my idea of God has nothing to do with the preposterous idea of a personal God, or a God based on the Bible.

Arthur C. Clarke said it best: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." (1961)

THERE you have it, THIS quote best sums up the ENTIRE Ancient Astronaut Theory, if you agree with it or not.

The "god" described in the Old Testament was NOT GOD at all, but an extraterrestrial visitor that our ancestors mistook for being divine in nature, simply because they did not comprehend the technological, nuts and bolts aspects behind this "appearance" or visit. Why do you think we have angels? Our ancestor falsely interpreted these beings as "angels" because they were unable to recognize that their ability to fly was purely [i]technological[i] in nature. It had NOTHING to do with the divine. Nothing. The idea of angels, or the way we teach our kids today that angels exist - such "angels" do not exist. Of course, saying such a thing in public is an abomination - and I'm glad it is! Today's ideas and beliefs about "guardian angels" etc. are pure hocus pocus and hogwash.

WK4F then goes on to say that he saw a History Channel documentary in which a theorist points out submarines, helicopters, and rockets in a “pattern” of Egyptian hieroglyphics. He then alleges that today's people think that (especially people subscribing to the AAT) these “patterns” are deliberate silhouettes of machines. WK4F stated that he thinks it is “pretty clear” to anyone looking at these hieroglyphs that “the Egyptians were merely carving the patterns at random and using this as a shading technique.”

By that statement alone, WK4F exposes himself as a somewhat uninformed amateur because with just a few keystrokes researching the Web, he would have realized that in the English-speaking world, I, along with Legendary Times, was the first person (and magazine) in the Alternative History field who has debunked (!!!) the Abydos inscription.

See, WK4F (and all the other clowns ganging up on me here), contrary to what you think, I’m not the enemy here.

The hieroglyphic depiction in question can be found on a massive lintel stone inside the Sethos Temple at Abydos, Egypt. As discussed, they have been interpreted often as representations of some type of technological machines. For many years, these hieroglyphic inscriptions have made the rounds in Ancient Mysteries and Ancient Astronaut circles as irrefutable pictorial evidence of the “ultimate proof.”

The inscriptions allegedly depict a helicopter, a tank, and a submarine or a fighter jet (or a UFO). And indeed, to the untrained eye, they truly look just like that. Unfortunately, in this case, the public has been misled, and it is, in fact, a false position of significance these depictions have held for many years.

So, in Legendary Times (Vol. 8 No. 1, 2006 & Vol. 7 No. 4, 2005) we presented a research paper dispelling one of the most accepted pieces of “circumstantial” evidence in the Ancient Astronaut field:

Conclusive evidence has been acquired that these inscriptions/depictions are, in fact, nothing else but overwritten (or superimposed) inscriptions.

They are representations of TWO royal names/titles (or titularies) on top of each other. The temple was first created by Sethos I (19th Dynasty, approx. 1304-1290BCE). Then, when his son, Ramesses II (19th Dynasty, 1290-1224BCE) took over, he didn’t like some of the inscriptions inside the temple and so he had some of the inscriptions removed, and in some cases (like here) he wrote (chiseled, actually) over the old inscriptions – and thus we have what looks like (but is not!) a helicopter, tank, jet, etc. (And NO, those “patterns” were NOT created “at random” by using “a shading technique.”)

Oh, and just in case some clown is wondering what the inscriptions actually mean or say, or someone is whining that I’m not specific enough (as someone has suggested in the past), here you go:

The Sethos I (19th Dynasty, approx. 1304-1290BCE) inscription reads:
“Conqueror of the 9 bow-lands, King of Upper and Lower Egypt”
dr pd.t n-sw.t-bj.t

The Ramesses II (19th Dynasty, 1290-1224BCE) inscription reads:
“Protector of Egypt, conqueror of the foreign countries, King of Upper and Lower Egypt”
mk-Kmt wc.f-h3 sw.t n-sw.t-bj.t

It is the mission of Legendary Times and the Center for Ancient Astronaut Research to present factual evidence in the Ancient Astronaut field and I’ll be the first in line to go public when it turns out that some of our suggestions turn out to be wrong. Show me another study branch that does the same.

And boy, did I receive flack from within the Alternative History field! I was crucified in my own field! Why? Because I presented cold facts. I did the right thing. I am of the strong opinion that eliminating false evidence only strengthens a particular theory.

And guess what else? Yes, my boss is Erich von Daniken, and I’ve gone against his ideas on multiple occasions. So what? This does not change the validity of the general Ancient Astronaut Theory.

Think what you want. But do yourself a favor and just stop embarrassing yourself by being an ignorant fool by claiming that the MILLIONS of people subscribing to the AAT are insane. I am amazed that you feel so superior to claim such high moral ground when judging millions of others. It must be nice to be so infallible.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Legendary Times

Resident Alien, THANK YOU again for that awesome pic you created of me with the claw! I just showed it around to my friends who are here because of my appearance on “Indiana Jones and the Ultimate Quest”. They loved your creativity!
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