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Originally Posted by WillKill4Food
I'm only sixteen. You're an expert. Thanks for realizing that I'm an amateur. That takes real skill.

Ah, the anonymity of the net. Uhm, well, I guess it does take skill, because no, I had no idea you're sixteen. Does it say that anywhere? And even if it does, so what? Just because you're sixteen doesn't mean you're exempt from criticism. At sixteen you're an adult and more than capable of handling a discourse (which, by the way, you have, so what's the worry?).

No hard feelings, I would've said the exact same thing to you if you were an 80-year old geezer. No worries. (Watch The Godfather and listen to the famous line that in life, in most cases, it's not personal. It's just business.)

Originally Posted by WillKill4Food
Thanks for destroying the plane/helicopter argument, not even HC was willing to do that.

No destruction at all. Just presenting the facts. Even though I subscribe to the Alternative History viewpoint, my view is not as jaded and off-the-deep-end as some of the rest of the "experts" in this field. All I did was present cold facts. And that doesn't sit right with people? Everyone should just get a grip and stop whining.

I also highly doubt that the HC knew that this research even existed, and the "theorist" you mention most certainly would have never volunteered this information because it would've not gotten him on the tube. Explaining the inscription in the way I did, just isn't sensational enough. It is, in fact, boring.

I have to admit: The reaction here is quite baffling. So, I, in fact, did just what everyone is whining about someone should do, ie. "exposing" what turns out to be false pieces of evidence, yet I get crucified! Unbelievable! You can't have it both ways guys, because then we might as well just stop caring about anything.

Originally Posted by WillKill4Food
[...]but in the end you just killed all of my faith in the AA theory.

Like I said in many of my previous posts, eliminating pieces of evidence that turn out to be wrong, only fortifies the entire theory, it's not the other way around.

Originally Posted by WillKill4Food
Post some of this irrefutable proof you think you have. Then we'll see.

Just for this Forum? I said this before: I think not. Everything, all the proof that we have, is published quarterly in our research journal Legendary Times. It contains all the evidence you could ever ask for.

PM me your address and I'll gladly put you on the mailing list for a few issues of Legendary Times - I have an inkling (because "you got heart, kid") that you just might enjoy the publication. It is NOT the typical, run-of-the-mill loopy UFO publication. On the contrary: We're very meticulous in what we publish, and VERY conservative (yes, conservative! - oh my gosh! did he just say that?) in the research we express in the pages of LT. One of our professor contributors actually also appeared tonight on the program, which was a fun surprise! Some of you will find that hard to swallow, but that's the truth. And if anyone says anything to the contrary, then they have obviously never read any of our articles and they should just keep quiet.

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