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Originally Posted by Flannery10
Well, I'm a lot of things sir, but certainly not delusional, thank you very much. Granted, it's been a long time since I have seen the movie on said VHS and sadly I don't even own it anymore, because let's be honest, who still owns VHS tapes these days? But unless my memory is pulling a really bad joke on me, I'm 100% sure to have seen the scene before.

Somebody mentioned earlier that they had a German version of the VHS and that it wasn't on there. Was the box of the VHS yellow or red? Because mine was red, and I know those are even older than the yellow ones. I'm just looking for some reassurance here that I'm not imaginging this, as Mr. Sharkey pointed out so politely.

This is the only red Version I know...(but I don't have it)

and it's newer than this one, which I thought is the first release version:

I own this one and the egg scene is not implemented. The scene is also not implemented in the "Hollywood Collection" version which I own also...

and also not in this one:

Flannery10: Is the shown red version above the one you know or do you have a picture of the cover of the VHS cassette you mean? I couldn't find another red cover version in the internet.
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