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Originally Posted by Sharkey
It's tough to take someone seriously about something so unique/rare and mysterious when they write "Shorty actor" and can't remember a name like "Key."
Looks like you can't remember that there's no "y" in the name, "Ke".

Normally I agree with you, Sharkey, but now you're being an egghead. What makes you so positive that the scene was never shown? Maybe you're jealous because you weren't forunate enough to see it? (If you ever do get to see it, the yolk will be on you!)

@JayDee: Shame about you bidding on the wrong VHS. Verdammte Scheiße! If you don't manage to get a copy of the CD/DVD of the German TV special, then I'm DEFINITELY going to make a call-out on the IndyCast!

@Indy's brother: I read your Facebook page call-out. To paraphrase Arnold Schwarzenegger: "It's not a rumour!"

@Chapter11: Thanks for chiming in again. Are you Josh who wrote on Indy's brother Facebook page? (I ask because I'm trying to get a head count of witnesses).
Originally Posted by Montana Smith
If Stewie says it happened, it very probably happened.
Thanks, Smiffy. I found another Canadian who also remembers it.
c.2003 from the comments section of this DVD review website:

What happened to the 'falling egg' scene? - Matt Hamilton
"I watched this last night (admittedly the R1 Canadian version). I distinctly remember (from wa-a-ay back in the 80s when I last saw this movie) a scene on the plane at the start where Indy catches a falling egg, while he's asleep.

What happened to that scene? Is it still in the R4 version? Or has it been cut from the print altogether?"

Falling Egg - Craig Erdmann
"My family thinks I am insane. I was anxiously watching my copy of Temple of Doom I received for Christmas and I told them I wanted to see if the falling egg scene was put back in (It was absent from the VHS copy I owned). When it wasn't in the DVD, they told me that they never saw it. I told them that I remembered it, but wasn't sure if I was superimposing it on Indy from some other movie I saw.

I have been searching the web and this comment section is the only place where I have seen anyone else mention it. At least I know that I am not crazy!!

I would love to know what happened to it."
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