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Originally Posted by Stoo
Remembering the thread: Going to Kenya in Feb., this obviously wasn't your 1st time. Was this trip for work, vacation or what?

Second trip to Kenya, Stoo. Both work trips. This trip focused on a deep well we dug far from Masai land, and on some projects with the Masai, including a school we built, and farm we started.

Originally Posted by Finn
Since you asked... I'd take better.

Hey, shouldn't your diss have been aimed at Stoo??

I will note it was the first time I shot photos with a decent camera in perhaps 15 years. First time ever with a good digital camera (not film). And the camera was borrowed. I don't make any claims of being a world class photographer. I know some, and their pics blow mine out of the water.

But since you boasted, let's see the "better."

Could be the start of a good thread, "Post your personal best pics." Travel, home, family, whatever.
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