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Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
Fast forward to 2013, and Paul Salopek, National Geographic Fellow & Journalist, is aiming top that rather admirable feat. Starting in Kenya's Great Rift Valley, the birthplace of humanity, he is going to trace man's 60-thousand year migration ending at the tip of South America in 2020. 7-years and 21,000 miles!

Nearly four years into his walk, Paul Salopek has made it all the way to the 'stans. Specifically, the Badai-Tugai Nature Reserve, Uzbekistan. Stop in at the site and check out Paul's progress!

Why is there no thread for The Ghost and the Darkness?!

It's been... 118 years since The Ghost and The Darkness terrorized the Tsavo region of East Africa and twenty years since Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer chased after the man eaters on the silver screen. While most people were content to let the story pass into legend, some fine folks at the Field Museum in Chicago and The University of California wanted to see if they could get to the bottom of that most pressing question: Did the lions kill and eat over a hundred railroad workers during their three month reign of terror?

Following some nifty forensic-like anthropology that examined the hair keratin and bone collagen of the two cats among other things, scientists feel that they may have reached an interesting conclusion.

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