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Attila's mention of the Torajan funerary rites reminded me of this interesting development.

Following Rupert Murdoch's buyout of National Geographic (a national shame, to be sure), there was much speculation of how his influence was going to tart up the august publication and its various media outlets. To date the magazine remains remains... lard free to an extant, but the television outlet is quickly being gutted and, well, tarted up for mass consumption.

The closest thing NatGeo had to a flagship offering, Explorer, is first to receive an extensive makeover from an in-depth look at various subjects to something resembling The Daily Show or Last Week Tonight with shades of VICE "News".

Originally Posted by Cynthia Littleton
The revamp of “Explorer” is Nat Geo’s effort to offer a point of view on the week’s news a la John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” and “The Daily Show.” Alumni from “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” are on board the production team. The show will originate from New York.

Originally Posted by Cynthia Littleton
“By harnessing an unparalleled portfolio of media assets through National Geographic Partners, we’re going to offer true 360-degree experiences, extending our storytelling for both viewers and advertisers across an unrivaled number of platforms,” said National Geographic Global Networks CEO Courteney Monroe.

The new-model “Explorer” is described as a weekly “docu-talk” series that will feature magazine-style field reporting, celebrity guests and talk show segments shot in front of a studio audience. elements. The series will bow on Nat Geo’s 171 channels around the world in the fall.

Full article here.

Richard Bacon, Explorer's new host.

Snippets from the premiere episode featuring the Torajan funerary rites. They might be considered NSFW.

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