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Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
Has anybody else began their own Cabinet of Curiosity yet?
It's a bit too spread out to be a Cabinet of Curiosities. More like a House of Horrors. And it overflows into my office at the college. Gonna need to rent a truck when I retire.
Between the mentorship of my amazing Uncle Henry (!) and a lifetime as a packrat, I'm pretty well represented in geology, mineralogy, paleontology, archaeology, cartography, comparative anatomy, and ethnology. All of which pales in comparison to an actual museum collection. I've consulted at a couple of first-rate museums, one historical, the other natural history. The storage areas contain 90% of the collection, in floor-to-ceiling racks. Reminiscent of that dolly shot at the end of Raiders, if they'd had Sterilite tubs back in the '30s.
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