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Originally Posted by Stoo
A "master"? To quote "Airplane": Surely, you can't be serious? The man was an actor reading lines from a script and fumbled around. Calling him a master at comedy is giving too much credit. As for "sad", I guess you didn't see the TV commercials that I did which had Leslie Nielsen tripping over his own feet, bumping into things, etc. Did you ever see "Spy Hard"? That was terrible!
Guess it's a case of your mileage may vary. I'm partial to minimalistic comedy. I always liked the fact that Nielsen didn't exactly overact, but more like toned his reactions down. Even in the most absurd of situations, he was like it was just another day in the office for him (which it naturally was, in a sense). And if he was just repeating lines from the script for the most part of his later career, I guess I must applaud him even more since his timing, for the most part, was spot-on.

There was a dip in the quality of his work from 90s onwards, with that I agree. His age was catching up with him, that much was evident. Maybe he should have quit after the last Naked Gun movie.
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