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Originally Posted by WilliamBoyd8
Bob Feller, age 92, appeared in the 1949 film "The Kid from Cleveland".

He was also a pretty good Cleveland Indians baseball player.

I met Feller a few times, being from Cleveland. Occasionally cantankerous, but he's a legend, both in the town and in the game. He's more or less the last great from that era still around, from any team. And, of course, he also gave up four years in the prime of his playing career to serve in the Pacific, having enlisted on December 8, 1941. This is the best take on him I've seen yet, from Joe Posnanski. There's also this account of the time he pitched a fastball faster than a cop on a Harley Davidson, in a test devised by Major League Baseball. Rest in peace, Mr. Feller.

Originally Posted by WilliamBoyd8
Blake Edwards, 88, director of the "Pink Panther" films.

Before switching to comedies, he directed two pretty good films
with Lee Remick, "The Days of Wine and Roses", and "Experiment in Terror".

Days of Wine and Roses is probably the film of his I regard most highly, since I have difficulty getting past Mickey Rooney in what's usually seen as his best film, Breakfast at Tiffany's. Remick was great in that, as was, as he always is, Jack Lemmon. Sure, it's a message picture, but there's some indelible moments in that film.

Like Feller, he was one of the last of his era, survived, of course, by Julie Andrews, his wife of forty-some years.
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