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Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
if Indy spends some time with a Marcus type, that character could be a woman.

Yes, excellent idea!

When I started this thread, I was working on the assumption that the fifth move would be a prequel with a younger actor, and imagined the next Indy lady as "a sophisticated, smart, scholarly character who ends up actively helping Indy solve the puzzles and defuse the boobytraps they encounter in their quest for the macguffin".

Your post made me realize that such a character would work just as well with older Indy, particularly if she's a colleague.

The only difference with my original vision would be the lack of romantic developments.
Indy is now married to Marion and wouldn't fool around, particularly at his age.

Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
Not Helen Mirren, necessarily, as she's a rather obvious choice, though she could easily play not-72 to Ford's not-75.
Mirren would be great, IMO.

If they go for someone younger, Michelle Pfeiffer would also be a good choice.
She'll be around 60 by time they start shooting.
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