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@Montana Smiff: Awesome poster!
Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
That said, I'm not particularly excited by a "snow bound" adventure. It could be done well, but would end up exchanging one set of monochromatic color for another. The series is in desperate need of a palette swap, and the northern reaches of China, Mongolia, and Siberia would do quite nicely.

There have been far too many earth tones thus far, and something needs to be done about it.

What would be really impressive if the adventure started out in the Winter and snowfall gradually increased throughout culminating in the escape through a furious blizzard!
I agree with you about a 'palette swap' (nice term) but I wouldn't want the story to be entirely snow-bound. Only a portion of it. We've had glimpses in "Raiders" and "Doom" (and "Mystery of the Blues") but they were fleeting moments. 15-30 minutes of the white stuff in a possible Indy 5 would be enough to satiate my thirst.

Getting back to Moedred's idea of a drained body of water covered with ice: Perhaps my favourite moment in "Skull" is when Indy & Dovchenko break through the glass into the chamber below. If Spielberg could channel the tension he built up in the scene from, "The Lost World - Jurassic Park", where Julianne Moore is on the breaking glass, it would make for a nail-biting scenario.
Originally Posted by Mickiana
I just watched it on youtube. Not bad. Thanks Stoo. Freyja provided good exercise for the optic nerve!
It's on YouTube? Surprised it hasn't been removed. Glad you enjoyed it, somewhat, Mickiana and, yes, Freyja is a doll. The ice & whirlpool scene is just a perfect idea where a natural event produces the lucky chance Indy might need for a given situation (similar to an avalanche revealing a tunnel, as in the 1935 "She").

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow."
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