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Man, if only it was tax season right now and I didn't have bigger fish to fry, maybe one of those scripts could realistically be mine. That's one advantage (and simultaneous disadvantage) to being momentarily single. You get to have crazy lapses in judgement and spend top dollar on essentially useless pieces of paper.

Although, had Raiders not yet been made, those scripts could accurately be deemed PRICELESS!

Too bad much of those auction items are for just paper collectibles, albeit "sacred" paper! LOL!

However, I'd be lying if I said that S&W Mk II didn't get my pulse racing a bit. That is definitely one of the greatest key Indy props IMO!

There are better ways to spend that kinda money, including benevolent charities, which I would hope some of these auction proceeds could possibly go to, but one can dream of getting the opportunity to Hahaha!

Although I would rather have Young Indy's house in Utah that was sold a few years back.
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