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Originally Posted by Pale Horse
With all that CGI, why wouldn't it be?

It's more about approach and process; the animators were there from beginning to end rather than sloughing it off to the VFX team after principle photography was completed.

The second Hindi-language trailer was released yesterday. While it recycles a lot of footage from the US trailers, there's quite a bit of new footage too. Of note: our first good look at Akela and Raksha. Dig Irrfan Khan's take on Shere Khan too!

Please note: A massive, massive spoiler is seemingly confirmed if you're even remotely familiar with the book. Stop about halfway through. Or just don't watch it at all if you want to go in blind.

You have been warned.

That's Amrish Om Puri doing work as Baloo; Quantico star Priyanka Chopra voicing Kaa and the aforementioned Irrfan Khan as Shere Khan;

Originally Posted by DARTH ZOIDBERG
I love the fact that It looks like a big homage to the original Disney cartoon.

While there are definite homages or nods to Disney's animated classic in this version -- Kaa attempting to eat Mowgli, the Bare Necessities, etc. -- I'm not sure that's the right term. This flick appears to be hewing quite close to the book in terms of tone and structure, and as such has quickly become it's own thing. It's as different from the '67 version as the '94 version is different from both of these 'animated' offerings.

Also released yesterday were a handful of promotional photos featuring the principle cast members posing along side their animated counterparts. They're all class, but these are my favorites.


Full gallery here.
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