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Originally Posted by RaiderMitch
Wonder whatever happened to the voodoo doll prop

Well, we might finally have an answer to that question.

It seems that a veritable treasure trove of Hollywood collectibles are going up for auction at the end of September by the Prop Store. I haven't gone through the complete list yet, but you can buy Sam Jackson's Bad Ass Mofo wallet from Pulp Fiction and a bullwhip from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Hope you got some money, though. The bullwhip is starting at ~$32,000 and the wallet is asking for ~$12,000. Both will probably go over asking price. A lot of the items are viewable to our European brethren at London's Odean BFI IMAX. Can't be in London for the physical auction on the 26th of September? No worries! You can bid online or over the phone!

Wired has a blurb about the auction over here. There isn't much else to say, but they do have a nice sample of pictures including said bullwhip and Data's trench coat from The Goonies!

I'll see you at Bring Cash Alley.

The full list for those well heeled members is available over here.

The search form seems kind of wonky. I've put in 'Indiana Jones', 'Indy', and 'Jones' and gotten different results. Or, rather, incomplete results. This seems to have offered the best results: Indiana. That one includes the voodoo doll from Temple of Doom as well as the full-sized(!?) bi-plane from The Last Crusade and The Mummy. There's a production script and a pair of crew screening passes from Raiders of the Lost Ark too.

Stop reading now! Go remortgage the house and start bidding!
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