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Well after a long-time curiosity and encouragements from film fans to members of the board, I Netflixed and finally saw Blade Runner.!

In all honesty, I have no idea what to think of it. While I agree the visuals are terrific and hold up very well in modern times(even though we'll obviously be no where near that advanced in just 11 years from now) and as always Ford delivered a great performance(I especially loved his faux voice when detecting the snake replicant... LOL) but the tempo of movie just speeds so quick and there are so many moments you have no idea what's going on it feels like you have to pause it a few times just to think about what you just saw and what is actually happening. I was very confused after it with lots of questions. I got to let it all sink in, but it's certainly not one of my favorite films. And it certainly isn't as good Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark(not to compare 3 different films that just share a main big star, but still).

Trying not to steer too off-topic, I will say as someone who rarely completely disregards the idea of a sequel and never considers any work too "sacred" for a sequel, I do think a Blade Runner 2 is one of the weakest ideas to have been made. The story feels like a very singular story and any attempt to elaborate it after the ending would be unnecessary. Besides, aren't there enough versions of the original itself?

Speaking of which, I'm confused at what I do now: watch the director's cut, or watch the original again just to try and better understand this cUH-RaZ-Ee
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