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Originally Posted by Mothy
The reason why KOTCS is making money, is because people are hoping it is going to be as good as the previous three. Cashing in on memories, just like the first teaser. It just is not as good as the trilogy, no way near. Temple of Doom is a classic compared to this tripe.

Filmphoenix, get real. TOD is totally different beast that KOTCS. At least TOD is grounded, hell, anything is grounded compared to KOTCS. The arguments made against KOTCS are by far stronger than those made against TOD. KOTCS will not age as well as TOD did.

Wow! You've been to the future?? That's amazing! What other incredible things can you tell us from the future?? Please share!!

You've also taken the time to interview every single person who has paid to see Indy4! But for a time traveler, that's not so hard! Sheesh, you''re an extraordinary guy!
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