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Here's a couple more...

...pieces of errata: 1.) The movie is still in early pre-production. Sam T. (one of the game's producers) is hoping to get down to brass tacks, and have some "really cool announcements" in the next couple of months. He doesn't know whether or not it's going to be an adaptation or an entirely new story, but Naughty Dog and SCEA will be in a joint-partnership with Columbia. Which I assume'll include casting and story veto. 2.) Amy Hennig didn't care for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull either; somebody really dropped the ball when it came to research.

Did they include Plunder in the multi-player beta? That's my absolute favourite of the multi-player scenarios! The voice work is phenomenal, and the overall audio is wa-ay above what you've heard in a game before. Hearing all the audio effects piped through the theatre speakers was awesome. If you get a chance, pick up a copy of the soundtrack! It's that good.
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