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Originally Posted by Ska
Yeah, it's in there. (That is the one where you have to find the treasure and take it back to your chest, right?) That's my favorite, also. I played it quite a few times in the last few days.

BTW, we should share PSN ID's so we can party up.


Yeah, that's the game mode! It'll probably end up being the only type of on-line skirmish I'll get involved in; death match has never been my thing, and consequently haven't played an on-line game since the original Diablo came out. If I sign up, I'll definitely let you know!

Two more cool things from Amy Hennig. The Tibetan language you'll hear out of Tenzin is actual Tibetan, and the closeup shots of Marco Polo's diary are written in acurate 13th Century Latin.

Here's a couple of more pictures from the tourney.

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