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Originally Posted by Lonsome_Drifter
I won't be able to afford the game for awhile. All of that keeping up with it during these last few months was for naught!

Dude it's only sixty bucks! That's a week's worth of eating out; surely you can forgo Jack in the Box for a week, right? To think that I didn't sell my second copy on e-bay...

Do I dare suggest forgoing beer for a week? Well, you can always check this out to get you in the mood for Brutal Legend while you're waiting!

Marco Polo: From Venice to Xanadu is where Amy Hennig got most of her source material from for the backstory to "Among Thieves", so if you want to read up on it, give it a whirl. I've got it on the shelf, and the few pages that I've read so far are quite intriguing.

Nathan Drake: a cat burglar?
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