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Originally Posted by Henry Jones VII
I think it comes as no surprise, the timeframe of the story.
My remark was multi-layered.

Shock: An actual, concrete confirmation straight from the director's mouth. That's 2 REAL news items in less than a week! The cool thing about this tidbit, though, it that it relates to the film's story.

Dismay: I was hoping for winter 1959. It's not a surprise that it'll be in the '60s but the closer Indy's setting gets to my birthdate, the closer I come to feeling like a relic, myself.

Apprehension: This film is finally starting to happen.

Originally Posted by Raiders112390
Why do you guys hate the 1960s so much? The entire decade wan't lovebeads and long hair for God's sake.
Ha, if you only knew. I happen to LO-O-O-OVE the '60s. My favourite music, art, fashion, cars, TV shows, etc. Heck, I was even born in 1967 so a part of that decade is a part of me.

Originally Posted by Raiders112390
There are ways of doing the 1960s without making "DA 60s" be the star of the show, you know. Not every film set during a certain period has to be the Forest Gump of that particular era. Whether the film is set in 1961 or 1968, Indy is not going to be hobnobbing with JFK or Elvis. He's not going to be at Altamont. You might see one or two characters in the background with long hair, but so what? You're not going to see Indy dropping acid. Why is the timeframe 1960-1969 such a big deal for you? It is the last period where the world was a small place. Prior to July 20th 1969, anyway.

You can handle a decade well without making it be the star of the decade.
Yes, I know and have always been an advocate of this approach. I'd just rather not see a '60s date onscreen at the beginning of the movie because it's too close to home.

Anyway, anyhow, anywhere, I await the film with much anticipation. As I've mentioned in your numerous other threads about this very same subject, my fingers are crossed for 1962 since it's not too far away from "Skull" (and would be a nod to "American Graffiti").
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