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Originally Posted by FordFan
It's a good sign to hear Spielberg say it has to be "great".

I'd be worried if he thought 'Crystal Skull' was exceptional, but by all accounts, he does not.

Couple that with them shooting in the UK, good stuff.
Crystal Skull was exceptional for the 2000s though quality wise its way better than most other movies released 2000-2010.

"straight down the pike for the fans" worries me a little still though.

But UK production base means its going to be mostly a European or UK shoot for location work. As its 1960s that for sure means communism is the enemy so either Russian, Chinese or German protagonist.

I still think it will be a hidden city or lost world type of movie its now way too expensive to turn outside shooting locations into the 1960s with the level of detail fans expect from an Indy movie. Indy 3 got away with that by using tight camera angles on establishing location shots.

Its quite possible Spielberg surprises us all & reuses some of the existing discarded ideas like the haunted castle from the Monkey King Chris Colombus screenplay as KOTCS was patched together using several abandoned concepts.
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