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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
I wouldn't mind seeing Indy paired up with a girl who isn't his love interest. It would be new to the franchise. We've seen him paired up with a former flame, his father, his son, and a child who was both a buddy and almost an adoptive son. We've never seen him paired up with a female colleague who was on his level who he didn't end up bedding. It would be interesting. But I don't trust Disney to do that without making the character into Rey and making a feminist statement with it.

Rey is no femist statement. I watched The Last Jedi last night. She spends the first half of the movie “needing Luke” because she can’t fight the baddies by herself. When he turns her down, she doesn’t go “well I have girl power I can do this myself!” Instead she goes, well I need another man then to save my ass which is Kylo Ren - who eventually does because the villain (another guy) is throwing her around like a rag doll. Not only is she a weak character, but she needs men to help her. Far from a feminist statement. Hell even though she’s the main character Luke has to save everyone’s ass at the end of the film again.
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