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I've seen Zahi in so many specials that I've lost count. At first I really liked and respected him, but by the time he got his own series, "Chasing Mummies", I began to see the real Zahi and lost much of my respect of him. His power had become too great before he was demoted, once having authority that prevailed even over Alexandrian discovery. Cleopatra's kingdom of Alexandria was really a kingdom unto itself, so it's difficult for me to understand how Zahi managed to garner complete autonomy in Alexandria in the interest of Egyptian authority. He is a glory hound and prefered the limelight to be on himself rather than the amazing discoveries. Case in point: he didn't like that a pylon from the waters of Alexandria was nearly lost when it slipped because camera crews were there to capture his humility. He didn't like being made to look bad in front of the press. For Zahi to demand that all Egyptian antiquities be returned to Egypt is quite petty when you consider how much funding Egypt has obtained from other countries. How can Zahi assume that no other nationalities have the right to cherish Egyptian antiquity when it was his own countrymen who raided the Cairo museum last year and destroyed much of their own history? The Middle East is the Cradle of Civilization from which we all sprang, so it's OUR history, not just a select few. I respect his devotion to archeology, but I can't respect his power-high.
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