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From a May 4, 2015 article about some items that heirs of US World War II personnel returned to Germany through a "Monuments Men" Foundation.

The "castle near Frankurt" is the Hesse Kronberg palace.
The librarian didn't purchase the paintings, Captain Nash gave them to her.

A painting of Queen Victoria and her eldest daughter, Victoria, who married German Emperor Frederick III, and a painting of Charles I — had been in a castle near Frankfurt that was confiscated by the U.S. military in 1945 and turned into an officers' club. They were purchased by an American woman who was serving in Germany as a librarian in the U.S. Special Services after the war, said the foundation.

The heirs of the librarian contacted the foundation last year amid publicity surrounding the release of the George Clooney film "Monuments Men", an adaptation of the book by the same name that memorializes the team of museum directors, curators and educators deployed to prevent the destruction of historic treasures during WWII.

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