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the only problem with promotional legos is that lego always will put them on their site promo or not. And most kids haven't seen the series and wouldn't buy them. but with the new SOK game that just came out I think lego ma produce 1-2 sets based on the game.

Oh and another set I would love to see as an exclusive is the club obi wan from temple of doom. It could include a huge gong that falls and breaks through a window (like the lost tomb set) a stage with dragon, 4-6 tables and band. Includes Indy (tux), Willie, Lao Che, Kao Kan, Chen, Wu han, 2 gang members, 2 dancers, 4 club goers. costs about $100-$200. also includes urn of nurhaci like the golden idol, a diamond, antidote vial, poison, and a lazy susan to reinact the entire scene.
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