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Originally Posted by Violet
I know I'm a little late to this party but I went to the one in Brisbane back in Feb- whilst the Orchestra did a fantastic job the setup could have been better- the screen was way too small, the music volume was way too low and the cut of the film was slightly different- there were different words in place of others in some lines. Not sure if the cut I'm used to is due to regional versions but it was defs slightly different.

Also for the entr'acte (as in the start of Act 2) they played Adventures of Mutt much to my surprise and that was one of the highlights as I could hear it loud and clear. The second half was better and more audible. I was just a bit sad that the screen wasn't bigger as I still have yet to see Raiders or any of the original three on the big screen. I also would have appreciated some form of special effects on stage- the ark opening was rather anti climatic for what it was supposed to be- maybe a little theatrical fog would have helped. My 2 cents.

Hi Violet. Overall I do agree with you. I almost laughed out loud when I saw the size of the screen. But it would take a pretty large screen not to look small in that large venue. I have seen Raiders several times on the big screen since I first saw it back in 1981. One screening was at the Village Twin and the first few moments the movie was purple with wear lines streaking down. It must have been an old copy. It cleared up after a short while and was fine.

As for the recent Raiders In Concert, it was still worth it despite a few shortcomings. The live score was great to watch and listen to.
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