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Originally Posted by Mickiana
Stoo, firstly, do you agree Jock's voice was dubbed in? It sure sounded like it to me. And the Arab who laughs in Indy's face in the hookah bar had his laugh dubbed in too by the sounds of it. And they played his laughing for longer like an echo dying/receding. I couldn't guess at why this happened.
I'm pretty certain that it's an alternate take from the same dubbing/ADR session as heard in the normal, released version. When filming that scene, the plane's engine noise would've completely drowned out the voices (especially with open canopies) so they would have to be dubbed in, no matter what. Watch your DVD and you'll see that Jock & Indy's dialogue isn't 100% synchronized with the movement of their mouths.

Why the difference? The whole film appeared to be an old print because the colours looked faded and the blacks weren't 100% black. Therefore, this anomaly could very well be due to the 'concert version' being a pre-release cut.

Nice spot regarding the laughing Arab at the shisha bar. I didn't catch that and, according to Violet, there were some other differences, as well.
Originally Posted by Violet
...the cut of the film was slightly different- there were different words in place of others in some lines. Not sure if the cut I'm used to is due to regional versions but it was defs slightly different.
Do you remember what particular differences you noticed? I'm very curious to know and have been waiting to hear from other folks so thanks for chiming in.

Funny that you & Mickiana were at the same concert. You two might have been sitting right next to each other and not even known!
Originally Posted by Violet
I know I'm a little late to this party...
Better late than never! At least you actually went. It's hard to believe that there were recent concerts in California & London (2 of the highest concentration areas of Indy fandom at The Raven) and NONE of our resident Ravenhead locals bothered to go? I'm bewildered, nay, flabbergasted by this fact. What the hell?!?
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