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Hey everyone,

Though I saw the Raiders concert in Newark, New Jersey this past weekend (well worth the blizzard), I had to make an account here first before I could post.

The differences in the film at the concert and the actual finished film is what surprised me the most. Having seen Raiders an unhealthy amount of time since I was a kid, the differences really stuck out at me. I certainly really enjoyed it as I felt we got to see a version of Raiders no one will ever see again. I assumed this was perhaps the version of the film Spielberg gave to Williams as a base for his scoring.

- What I noticed first was the alternate take of Jock in the plane. Same lines, but different delivery.
- Many of the sound effects that I knew seemed missing. I did notice sound effects muffled or turned down throughout, but there were definitely some missing. For example no noise really when Indy put his Whisky bottle down on the table when talking to Marion.
- Right when Indy shoots at Toht and the others at the bar, Marion grabs Toht's fedora and says "my hat" or something to that effect it seemed. I never heard her say that before.
- No screaming from the Nepalese man on fire before being shot in the face
- Not certain, but I felt some of the Sallah takes talking about the dig at his home seemed different in a way too.
- No monkey noises when Monkey Man gestures to him to hide in the truck.
- The biggest surprise for me was that while under the truck, as Indy hooks his whip to something, he said a line which I had never heard before. He said something like "please god" or similar I believe. I didn't quite catch it unfortunately.

If I remember more, I'll add them here. Certainly an experience I'll remember forever. I always wanted to see this score played in person or play it myself, but I could never get my High School band director to go for it haha. Just seeing people play the Desert Chase was worth it to me. I highly recommend it if its playing near you
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