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Originally Posted by emtiem
Yes, I was thinking about that and thought I remembered it as 'men who are here'- but the use of 'brought' certainly implies that he's come with them, as you say. I suppose you could take it as Marcus seeing the college museum as not being part of the bit Indy teaches in, but then why would they come through Marcus at all if that was true? It's a funny one.
I see either of these situations:

1) Eaton & Musgrove are already aware that Indy is returning from Peru and approach Marcus beforehand to arrange a meeting.

2) Eaton & Musgrove arrive in Connecticut but Dr. Jones is away. They contact the closest associate to learn of his whereabouts
and end up pinpointing Indy's return before Brody is even aware of it.

Originally Posted by Kooshmeister
As to why he switched to and from colleges, well, maybe Barnett offered him more money, and then he later returned to Marshall for whatever reasons. Probably he went back after Marcus became its dean, because Marcus (and later Stanforth) ensured better pay than that which had been used to lure him away from Marshall
to Barnett originally.
Yes, I could definitely see the switch back to Marshall due to Marcus' appointment. Maybe the "M" letterman-guy followed Indy
to Barnett and kept wearing his sweater to remind his prof of their previous affiliation?

Originally Posted by Udvarnoky
I suspect then that it's either outtake footage or a digital manipulated version of what's in the Raiders print. I compared the two, and the people walking outside the school are identical. And the shot is still incredibly out of place both in terms of the lighting and the grain level when compared with the rest of Indy4.
How did you compare the two? If the people walking are identical then the cars were a added as a composite.
I'll wait until I see the "Skull" shot again before commenting further.
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