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Originally Posted by Lambonius
I also really liked that they got rid of the supernatural elements in Uncharted 4; the story felt a lot more grounded and believable (aside from some really implausible architecture and 17th century machinery.)

I would like to write more, but for now, the idea of completely ditching the supernatural elements of Uncharted is dumb. I'm all for trying different things out, but the removal of [the supernatural] in order to be more "believable" or "grounded" is a poor excuse. Preternatural elements are something of a hallmark of the genre; you're not looking for "realism". A realistic game ends up with Nate dying from a shattered leg/pelvis/whatever after failing a jump. Or thoroughly ventilated by a squad of trained mercenaries armed with fully automatic weapons.


Naughty Dog uploaded a ~13 minute gameplay clip... yesterday. It features a chunk of the open world-like area of the Western Ghats as well as a lot of the gameplay refinements mentioned earlier in the thread.

Check it out!

It also looks like this team did some work on fleshing out the famously useless collectibles Uncharted is known for. Tomb Raider does this bit rather well, so it'll be interesting to see how it all comes together in The Lost Legacy.
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