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Lightbulb That's it, I'm getting a playstation for Christmas !

Yeeha! At last the first preview of the new Indy game...

fights on cablecars against Chinamen?
new AI engine with DMM technology rendering fluid quick action?

ALRIGHT ! I've been holding the console industry way back for this one!

Mom better get me a PlayStation 3 for Christmas !!!!!!

Otherwise, I'll go nutz if I can't play this Indiana Jones 2007 game on a regular PC... It's just too unreal, a new Indy game is like the continuation of hours of adventure fun for us diehard fans!

I'll get myself the "24: the game" straight away - I really considered buying a Playstation console just because "24: the game" came out, but know I rather wait for PS3 and then buy both...

Like Will Smith said flying a UFO in Independence Day :
" I GOTTA get me one o' these !"
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