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Lost out on this by a cent.

It's a 10' 8 plait snake whip.I would have put my max bid in with seconds to go like usual, but it ended at 6:00 and that's when I get off of work.

I ended up getting this one instead.

It's a 10' four plait. I did not get this one from jrzjoe. This one costs less than his and is from a seller called borderlinedesign. I think it looks kind of cheap compared to the snakewhip I lost, but it was only $25! That's cheaper than jrzjoe's and from the pics as good of quality. I feel better having spent only that much rather than $100+ for something I'm never going to use. Perhaps in the future I'll upgrade to a Winrich, Caicedo's, or even Todd's, but I think this will hold me over until that day comes.
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