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Originally Posted by JuniorJones
There were 11 issues published by Edizioni L'Isola Trovata in 1985. (I'm surprised none mentions them). With a bit of translation you can work out the stories.
Man, those covers are FANTASTIC! Especially, #3, 5, 7 & 11. Thanks for posting them, Junior! Any info on the artist/s? (The one for #7 makes it look like Indy went shopping for pants in Milan. Never before has Professor Jones dressed so slick!) The next time I go to Italy, I'll definitely be looking for these issues!
Originally Posted by Moedred
Awesome, here's what I gathered from this site (with slightly brighter cover scans).
Each Italian issue contained 3 Marvel issues. Marvel #3 apparently never made it.
Thanks for the breakdown, Moe. No. 3 isn't one of the better stories but it's too bad that one was ditched rather than #19, "Dragon By The Tail".
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