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I have a birthday an exact week before Christmas, so I was able to get Volume 1 for my birthday and Volume 2 for Christmas...

I've seen all of Volume 1 and I'm on Oganga in Volume 2.

I have to say that my favorites of Volume 1 are: (not in order)

The Perils of Cupid - Vienna, 1908
Travels with Father - Russia, 1910
Travels with Father - Greece, 1910
Love's Sweet Song - Ireland, 1916
Love's Sweet Song - London, 1916

those are my favorites of that volume... for Volume 2 I'd choose:

Trenches of Hell - Germany, 1916 (the "Great Escape" part)
Demon's of Deception - Verdun, 1916
Phantom Train of Doom - German East African (part 1 - the train part)
Oganga, the Giver and Taker of Life - Congo, 1917 (part 2 - the Oganga part)
Attack of the Hawkmen - Germany, 1917 (part 2 - the spy part)

I had the VHS's and I had already seen
Spring Break Adventure
Trenches of Hell
Phantom Train of Doom
Oganga, the Giver and Taker of Life
Attack of the Hawkmen
Adventures in the Secret Service
Daredevils of the Desert
Tales of Innocence
Mystery of the Blues
Hollywood Follies

(I never could find Mask of Evil )

The first three I ever obtained were Oganga, Hawkmen and Hollywood.

Today I plan to watch the rest of Volume 2, starting at Oganga!
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