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Originally Posted by The Drifter
Violet, I bought my son the very same dvd/board game this past Christmas. We haven't tried it yet however.

Nice. Set aside about an hour though, if it's just you two playing. My brother and I found it a bit time consuming the first time but once you have done it and if you have three or four players, it doesn't take quite as long.

I still enjoy the game. It's almost like an RPG to me, but not quite as long and not as complicated as some are. As Rocket said, the changing board helps bring down repetitiveness down and I also noticed that the pathways to some of the artifacts in the DVD games change (esp the Ark's one and the 2nd challenge for the Grail). So there is some random-ness in the programming.

Originally Posted by Crack the whip
Do we have any other boardgamers here?

Yeah, I play a fair bit but I never really look stuff up over the net about board games. So I'm not a collector per say.
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