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Originally Posted by Pale Horse
Seems the boys down in Kansas City would be quite offended that Chicago is claiming "Ribs" as their tell-tale food fame.


But I am glad you bumped this. I've been wanting a good burger of late.

I also want a good burger. There's a place near me in Kingsport that has a decent burger. It's called Sloopy's, and there's another joint that has good home-made greasy ones. It's called The Purple Cow (can't find a website). And there's yet another place that has the most crispy, deep-fried goodness that I ever tasted, and their burgers are no different. It's within walking distance and called "Teddy's".

As for Kansas City and their ribs, they can keep them. (Their sauces are way too sweet). I like Memphis style, baby! And the Carolinas can hold their head VERY high with their vinegar and mustard-based sauces. Yummmmmm
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