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I still don't think that Spielberg would alienate(no pun intended) the Jewish people and his family heritage, by making a movie that links the Ark to E.T.! He's done so much over the years with his films that have secured this relationship ( for ex. The Shoah Foundation), that to turn around and take an important religious artifact of the Jewish faith and link it to ancient astronaut aliens instead of the Hebrew God, would to me cause quite a stir. The fact they have stated that they want Indy 4 to be "for the fans" and recapture the magic of the original, makes me think it would be highly unlikely that they would turn around and make IJ4 controversial and risk losing tons of money from disgruntled fans. Despite the vastly different spiritual beliefs of filmgoers today, the fact that Spielberg is Jewish would make me think he wouldn't take that chance of offending his people and their collective heritage and beliefs. Yes, he went out on a limb with Munich but that had political themes not strictly related to religious historical artifacts.
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