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Originally Posted by Stoo
2) Unboutedly. Even the original chase in "Raiders" had effects (even if only for 1 shot) so I have no problem with FX or CGI in Indy-action scenes. It's almost a requirement.

I don't really have an issue with effects in Indy movies (as long as there is some modicum of taste)... just seems that many didn't like the overuse of visual effects in KOTCS.

Originally Posted by Stoo
3) In our hypothetical film, Vic Armstrong should get back on board the team. He was 2nd unit director & stunt co-oridnator for a '79 film, "Bear Island". Have you ever seen this one? There is great, LONG scene with fan-powered sled boats in an arctic setting all done with practical stunts. As for the trickiness of using soundstages, it really boils down to what the story is. Remember, "Doom" is mainly interior sets with only a few scenes actually on location. I think it could be done.

Yep - seen 'Bear Island' and I know the bit you mean (and Vic Armstrong would have been great). Again, it's not that it couldn't be done for Indy V... but rather would they want to do it?

Originally Posted by Stoo
Not the right time period for Indy 5 but I'd love to see him face-off against something like this:

With you there... Something like that would be great.
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