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Originally Posted by James
It would be cool to see a repeat of the original trilogy's pattern: A darker sequel set in 1956, followed by a swansong set in 1959.


Originally Posted by Darth Vile
it breaks with tradition... What about 2 movies shot back to back i.e. 2 movies, 1 story (with a cliffhanger after the first part)?

Back the Future 2+3, Kill Bill 1+2? No thanks. If there is an example you can think of that didn't fall flat on it's face somewhere in the second flick, I could be persuaded, though.

GL and SP are such creatures of habit with the IJ franchise that I doubt they would shake up the format of one of these movies that much anyway. These movies are made in such a certain way, and each one is so obviously self-contained, that I don't think they'd stray from their formula this far into the series.
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