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The Submarine: U-26 Wurrfler

A thread for all things related to the submarine & secret island base in "Raiders". Their appearances are brief but the scenes are interesting ones, especially regarding the concern of how Indy survives the voyage...

Transplanted posts from the Nuked Fridges thread:
Originally Posted by emtiem
Well, strictly according to the film there's nothing to say it did, is there?

Yes indeed; I know it was intended to (and I wish we'd seen that) but then the finished film and the script are different things! As far as the film goes: no submersion.
Since certain shots of Ford on the periscope were eventually cut, it appears to be a common perception that the U-Boat does NOT dive (thus allowing Indy to ride the entire way without suffering too much). There is, however, quite a bit of EVIDENCE IN THE FILM to prove that the sub SUBMERGES.
Originally Posted by Monatan Smith
I just looked at the Raiders script, and it's fairly detailed on this point. As Indy is running along the deck of the 'Wurffler' it begins to "submerge". He climbs the ladder to the bridge of the conning tower and the water is rising around him. At the top he braces himself between the 7-foot radio mast and the 20-foot periscope. The radio mast is disappearing under the water, so he hangs on to the top three-feet of the periscope, " Indy's slowly dawning delight, the dive stops. No more of the periscope goes under." He then lashes himself to the 'scope with his whip.

Half of him is warmed by the sun, but the whip tightens with the wet, cutting into his skin, he sees shark fins, and he loses consciousness. When the U-Boat stops, the script reads: "Once again, he has survived. To fight again."

I presume this is the correct script. It was revised 3rd August 1979 and is headed up: 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', Screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan, Story by George Lucas.
This is (apparently) the 3rd of 5 drafts (minus the shooting script) and is included in the comic adaptation, etc. We all know that, as has been presented in the final film, Indy doesn't have his whip in the scene so he must have survived the trip by brute strength alone. (The sub definitely does dive...there's no doubt about it.)

As a matter of interest, here’s a page about the real-life U-26 which had its maiden patrol in May 1936. (Fits right into the Indy timeline!)
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