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Translation Part 17

Without knocking, he entered Grisswald’s secretary’s office. Grisswald’s secretary looked up from her typewriter, clearly surprised by the aggressive way in which Indiana had entered the office. She decided not to say a word and only indicate, with a nod, to the closed double doors of Grisswald’s office. Indiana threw his briefcase on her desk, made an attempt to smooth his suit and straighten his tie and then opened the door into Grisswald’s office.

Half a second later he wished he'd not entered but instead had actually gone to the South Pole. Grisswald sat behind his desk with a demeander akin to the wrath of God along with eyes that were so cold they could have easily frozen the Pacific Ocean.

Grisswald was not alone. Behind him stood Pat and Patachon*. The smaller of the two had his arms crossed over his chest with his legs spread slightly and stood there like a catcher who was weighing up an opponent to grab. The larger of the two was not quite as under control as his hands were shaking and his eyes flashed suppressed rage. In view of the damage to his face even Indiana could understand. It was not that his face was been pretty the day before but had the look of the ancient Indian with the most terrible sunburn.

"Dr. Jones," began Grisswald. "How nice that you honor us with your presence " He made an imperious gesture. "Close the door."

Indiana obeyed. His thoughts began to move quickly as he slowly approached Grisswald’s desk whilst the two crooks alternately watched his every movement. He suddenly had a very bad feeling about this. Something was not how it should be. Or rather, not what he had believed that it to be.

"What's going on here?" He asked.

Grisswalds face darkened further. "Keep your mouth, Jones," he said. "I always knew one day that you would bring trouble to me. But even I could not have dreamed to be as big."

He pointed with a swing of his head to the two figures behind him.

"Gentlemen, Dr. Indiana Jones." He gestured at Indiana, only an implied gesture to the two guys behind him, "I hear that you all have met. Dr. Jones, may I introduce Mr. Henley and Mr. Reuben. They would like to ask some questions. And I pray for your sake that you know some damn good answers.

"Perhaps you tell me first what is going on here," said Indiana, deliberately falling into the same gruff tone as Grisswald. He leaned forward, rested his fists on the table, glaring at the Dean. "I know these two. In fact, at Marian Corda’s, I..."

Indiana suddenly stopped. The larger of the two, Reuben, made the same gesture as with yesterday attack by moving his hand underneath his jacket as if to draw a weapon but instead reveled a thin synthetic leather wallet, which Reuben dropped in front of Indiana. The wallet flipped open and out drop a printed card. Indiana was stunned for second as on the card is read:-

"F...B...I!" Indiana stuttered.

Reuben was visibly pleased with the reaction and quickly put back the wallet into his jacket and nodded.

“Special Agent, Reuben," he said and then pointing to his companion. "This is Special Agent Henley."

"Oh," said Indiana sheepishly.

Reuben was not taken by Indiana’s response as it only made him more angry.

"You have caused us a lot of trouble, Dr. Jones," he said. "You can thank Mr. Grisswald for not arrested you on the spot and locking you away for the next twenty years".

“But - ," began Indiana, but was immediately interrupted by Reuben.

"Interfering in state matters, obstructing an FBI agent on duty, assault on a state official, Dr. Jones. I could list more, but that's enough in itself for fifteen years. "

*the Scandinavian equivalent to Laurel and Hardy.
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