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Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
Nazi costume set to be pulled from shelves

Is it reasonable to allow any one group, through use or suppression, possesion of a symbol or sole right to define?

Well, it's not been pulled YET...they're getting ready. Reminds me of when we would go down to the mall and if you asked they would sell you weapons and fireworks. The guy who sold me brass knuckles actually said, (as he took my money) I shouldn't use them! Currently they're used to tenderize meat...

While I'm a fan of historical accuracy (with regard to symbols on toys and models), there's something not quite right nowadays about dressing up as a Nazi. Not sure how many countries besides Japan would put these out as fancy dress (though Prince Harry Hewitt found a supplier somewhere).

Maybe they'll replace it with the more in vogue 'Taliban outfit'.

Dictating what one wears as fancy dress is still a step too far. Everyone should have the freedom to look like an idiot if they want to!
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