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Originally Posted by Indy's Fist
I've often wondered why with so many of Lucas's films based on, and let's be honest, crappy B/serial movies are fans and audiences so overly critical of these movies? The cheese and camp are what make these movies fun. I mean if they were all serious then it would be Shindler's List not Indy or Star Wars.
Who knows? I put it down to ignorance. Sheer, blind, outright ignorance...
Originally Posted by Indy's brother
It's my understanding that as a cinephile, Spielberg would plumb the depths of long forgotten b-movies for any salvageable content. Just because an old movie as a whole sucks, that doesn't mean that there isn't a great shot or two in it. Or just because a film has been forgotten by many, that doesn't mean that it wasn't groundbreaking in it's time.

A perfect example of this (and to make the purpose of this thread more clear) is the original "Journey to the Center of the Earth" (1959). This film has been mined for musical inspiration for Indiana Jones, as well as content. In Raiders, the boulder gag, and the ray of light bit from the map room are both from this film.

In KOTCS, there is also a scene directly inspired by this 1959 adventure classic. At the end of both films, the adventurer and his companions escape a crumbling subterranean death trap by being expelled through a vertical cave. In "Journey", lava propels them. In "Kingdom" water propels them.
"Journey" is a one of my faves (I own the VHS & DVD) and agree that there are some Indy homages to it but this isn't a B-movie. (Don't know if that's what you were trying to say but it kind of read that way.) You're right about the music, though. The Bernard Herrmann score when Mt. Scartaris "shows the way" is AWESOME! I always crank the volume during that part.

The lava chimney escape in "Journey" is direct from the book but, yes, "Skull" has the same thing. (For any Jules Verne/"Journey" fans, I've been to the top of Stromboli and saw lava bursts at night. One of the coolest things I've ever seen... That's where the characters from "Journey" exit!)
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