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Originally Posted by replican't
People here talk about changing that formula to accommodate pensioner Indy, and fail to see the boat has sailed a long, long time ago. Why, in God's name, why would you want to do that? Just so you can see Indiana Jones at the cinema again?

Have some dignity.

By saying "changing that formula" you somwhat imply that an adventure/action story can't work with an old man in the center of it. I don't agree. Ever heard of Don Quixote?

In terms of Hollywood history, John Wayne was still staring making movies until his very end. Clint Eastwood also still stars in movies.

I thought the warehouse scene in KOTCS was great, same with the motorcycle chase; there wasn't anything awkward about seeing Ford performing the stunts he did in the movie as I saw. Obviously you did, so we'lll have to agree to disagree there. I doubt we'll see an Indiana Jones 5 starring Harrison Ford at this point so I guess none of this matters, but hypothetically if there was a script ready today, I think it'd be wrong to firmly believe that there is no possible chance that it'd be good.

Yes, maybe it wouldn't be quite the same as the original trilogy, but then Temple Of Doom and Last Crusade are very different from themselves in terms of style, tone etc.
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