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Originally Posted by Túrin Turambar
He's the best looking 70 year old I have ever seen, and is in better shape then most 50 year olds. Its frustrating as a fan, he was great in KOTCS, and I believe Indy 5 would be much better, its not about his age, Lucas is not doing anything these days, While Harrison is still alive its a real shame its the best thing he ever did, he wont do Indy 5, 5 years have passed since Indy4 and they have done nothing about it.

What utter nonsense. He's not in better shape than most 50 year olds by a long stretch. He could pass for 65 maybe, but even 60 would be a stretch. He's balding, his face is sagging, he's losing definition and that certain 'look' which defined Harrison Ford in the old days is now faded. I cant put that into words properly, but if you've been following Ford for decades like I have, you'll know what I mean.

And do you mean Indy is the best thing Ford has ever done? No, its not. Blade Runner, mate, Blade Runner.
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