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As always, thanks to the newshounds who seek original content from the filmmakers. Here are the Kimmel and BBC Ford quotes destined for the main site. He jokes the "idea" that comes to mind is his payday, but I think he's thinking about a long-favored MacGuffin.
March 22, 2016
Harrison Ford: "Not now. Iím not quite, Iíll be ready. Iíll be ready. Iím excited about this."
Q: ďDid they finally come up with an idea that you loved?"
Harrison Ford: "Uh, yeah. Yeah!"
Q: ďDid you demand that they kill Indiana Jones?"
Harrison Ford: "No, I havenít read the script. I havenít read the script. Iím talking about the contract! No, no, weíre here to kid around. I mean, seriously. Listen, thatís why we came, right? No, I, listen. The opportunity to work with Steven again on this character that isÖ Spielberg. Spielberg. Yeah. Steven Spielberg. The chance to revisit this character which has brought pleasure to so many people, not to mention me. No, itís fun. Itís great fun to play this character. Itís great fun to work with Steven. Iím looking forward to it. Sure, I can tell you the whole thing right now. So..."

March 22, 2016
Harrison Ford: "Well, I, yeah, I've always thought that there was an opportunity to do another. And, uh, but I didn't want to do it without Steven. And I didn't want to do it without a, you know, a really good script. And happily we're working on both. Steven is developing a script now that I think we're going to be very happy with. Why don't I just tell you everything that happens? No, of course not. No."
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