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Post Kennewick Man vs. Indian legislation

You remember Kennewick Man, the 9,000 year old skeleton found in Washington state in 1996. You don't find human remains much older in North America. His bones resemble the Japanese Ainu... and he has an Indian spear point lodged in his hip. Paleoanthropologists fought local tribes in the courts for nearly a decade before winning the right to study him. The tribes just wanted to bury him (and any question about who's really "native" around here). The Army Corps aided the tribe by bulldozing the dig site.

Now congress want to add two little words to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) that will make it nearly impossible for any unfound human remains to be studied:
'Native American' means of, or relating to, a tribe, people, or culture that is OR WAS indigenous to the United States."
I don't know when they'll vote on it. Read more here...
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