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Looking for Creative Screenwriting May/June 2008 issue w/ D. Koepp's interview

Hi guys,

I'm a French Indiana Jones fan currently working on Harrison Ford's bio and in that regard I'm trying to get a copy of the May/June 2008 issue of Creative Screenwriting. It has been mentioned numerous times on these boards as the source of a David Koepp quote saying that Lawrence Kasdan was the one who wrote the "they weren't you, honey" line in KOTCS. I want to make sure that this quote is in the article but I can't find it on online stores nor in its digital form so I'm turning to the community to see if a Raven member still has a copy of the article and would be kind enough to share it! I've contacted the current Creative Screenwriting team but unfortunately they didn't keep any copy.

See the latest quote on the boards mentioning it below as well as the issue's cover.

Originally Posted by TheLastCrusader
Simple. A few well-directed sequences can be credited to Steven Spielberg;
The one good line in the film ("they weren't you, honey") is Kasdan's, his one and only contribution to the film.
And, well, the story and script can be credited to Mr. Lucas and David Koepp, respectively. Clear-cut case to me.

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